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Anonymous asked: It's really annoying when you tag teen mom. I don't get why you don't just tag mom because 1) it doesn't matter how old you are and 2) being a teen mom isn't the least bit glamorous....

Last time I checked it was up to me what I tag my posts as, I am a teenage mother and I post a lot about being a parents and I like to meet other people like me and I also like to help, so common sense would indicate that I’m going to tag my posts with things to do with that and to meet other people like me.
I also usually tag: young mom, mumblr, teen pregnancy, teenage pregnancy, ect… a lot.
I never said being a “teen mom” was glamorous, but there’s nothing wrong with it either, I am a teenage parent, it’s part of who I am, quite personally, I don’t think being an annoying snobby judgmental bitch is at all glamorous but you seem to find it quite fitting. :)

having a good day :)

and I think its well earned after the past few days I’ve had. moving my stuff around so there is more space for Lee and Elijah’s stuff and having a huge clear out, just found out that the jumper I sold on ebay has earned me over £45, had some visitors, I’m getting the last of all our washing done before the holiday and I even got to sleep in this morning. :)

happy days ^-^ 

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citrusjuuce asked: Elijah is absolutely gorgeous! :) You're doing so well with him, he looks like he's coming along brilliantly!

aww thank you, to be honest he’s just really well behaved for me,  he always has been, he’s not really a baby who cries all the time, he only cries if he’s hungry or needs some form of comfort, he’s happy and smiling and talking away pretty much 99.9% of the time. :)

Elijah now has a dummy

 almost 12 weeks without one and I’ve had to abandon all of my views on dummies and give Elijah one. he’s teething and he keeps crying for a bottle, not because he’s hungry but because he wants to chew the teet and I kept trying to give him a teething ring but to be honest, I think he finds them too cold and hard.

oh well…
he’s happy and chilled out now that’s all that matters, I’l just make sure he doesn’t rely on them and it will be fine. :)


Anonymous asked: What does Elijah enjoy doing the most? :)

talking to the light fittings :’)
he loves light fittings, he doesn’t care about the light, just the fact they’re there. we have a rug in our downstairs living room I lay him down on there all the time, that seems to be his favourite, he’ll stay there for so long just talking, laughing and smiling at it. me and Lee took him around the house a few days ago and showed him all the light fittings and he loved it :)

he’s not your average baby :’)

lexiet0asters asked: So I was on a website earlier and saw your picture on the side in an ad and was like OMG THAT'S MISTY! But then I read the VERY rude link it was to, something about "mistakes teen moms make" or something like that. Anyway, I posted it on my blog with my ideas of how ridiculous it was. I just print screened and cropped the rest out, but I was on memestache when I saw it. But besides all of that, I hope you are having a wonderful day and you keep being lovely!

thank you for letting me know.<3

people like that feel that they to be negative and try to put other people down, yes I’ve made mistakes but who hasn’t? my son certainly isn’t a mistake and I will never ever say he was, because in all honesty, he is the greatest and best thing to ever happen to me. there is not one parent out there who can or will say “I’ve done everything perfect and right.” my mom once rolled me off a couch by accident when I was just a couple of moths old, my dad used to play pretend bar games with me and used to line up shots of coke and muddle a shot of ginger wine in there with them because it was funny, looking back it probably wasn’t the best game to play with a 5/6 year old but It’s a hilarious thing to look back on and think about and it makes me smile. All you can do as a parent, especially the first time, is do what you think is best and if some fool with a website wants to write a bunch of crap about me and a bunch of other teenagers make just because our ages don’t hit the two decade mark and they think for whatever reason they are mother/father of the year, let them, I’m not perfect, I’m just a young girl, who loves her son more than anything in this world and would do anything for him and if that makes me a bad mother, I frankly wouldn’t have it any other way. :)

thebeautifuldaystocome asked: ok i reblogged that screen shot of that girl making fun of you guys and defending you? soo misunderstanding i am guessing.

oh hi there little miss “16&prego” I hope you’re enjoying your "pregnancy pact" :) I see you’ve change your URL most likely because of all the hateful messages you’re probably received in the last hour or so?

you weren’t sticking up for me, don’t even try and lie and say that you did, I can quote exactly what you had to say about me being pregnant if I am correct it was:

"my feeling on this is, be prego, but don’t shove it down peoples throats either like your pregnancy is a coach bag. but who knows, I am newly pregnant, so I don’t know what I am feeling right now. :/"

so nice try there, but you picked on the wrong girl and you’re just making a whole new mountain of trouble for yourself now aren’t you? seriously, know when to quit or at least shut up.