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Anonymous asked: Why do you keep your hair colored in bright colors? In not trying to be rude AT ALL. in fact, I love your blog. It just makes me wonder why you always keep your hair so bright? I think it would look absolutely gorgeous if it was a light/dark brown. Not that it looks bad now. Haha

haha! well, it’s not really just bright colors, I always keep it white blonde or some shade of pink and the reason I keep it that shade of blonde is so I can have whatever hair color I want, whenever I want it to be a certain color. Pink makes me happy, I’ve had pink hair for years now, so it’s just kinda normal to me. :’)

I’ve had my hair darker colors when I was younger but I wasn’t happy with it because when you have dark hair, I found you can’t really do much with it easily. if you want to do anything else with it color wise, you have a hard time getting it out, when you don’t want it to come out it fades easily.

I find pink way more fun! :)
here’s a picture of me with dark hair, years ago.