Misty Weston/20/Uk
Mother of two
Alternative model malamai, the job centre... what a waste of space that is and the life forms working there are.
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the job centre… what a waste of space that is and the life forms working there are.

On my eighteenth birthday I received a debt letter despite having no debt. When I was on the streets, homeless and pregnant and my aunt wouldn’t give me the two hundred pounds she owed me, I was forced to take out a loan so that I wouldn’t starve and could get to the place I was staying until I got myself sorted out. I paid this money back quite a while ago and yesterday I got that letter, I was fuming, my mom was fuming. The job centre had made it so difficult for me to pay back the money in the first place it was actually mind blowing, I was told I could pay it by giro check but was not given one, so I tried to pay by normal check and they wouldn’t accept it, told me it would take them up to two months to even send the check to where it needed to go so they told me they wanted me to pay by cash, so I went and got the cash, paid that way, thought it was sweet and sorted but obviously not, so I went down there, mom came with me and they didn’t know what had happened to the money, I had proof of payment and then all of a sudden they start accusing me of having more debt, tried to sneakily take the proof of payment from me and started insisting that I make the payment again… I was like: EXCUSE ME BITCH?!?! you don’t know where the last load of money I gave you went and now you’re asking for me to pay this twice?!?! the stupidity was amazing, they even actually tried to keep the proof of payment, so me and my mom told them to photocopy it because we weren’t leaving without it. It’s only when our next door neighbour who works there, THE ONLY SIGN OF INTELLIGENT LIFE WORKING IN THE JOB CENTRE, came over and basically said “she’s only turned eighteen today, she can’t have any more debt, I watched her pay this amount, she has no more debt.” They just didn’t know what to do at this point, because they had to accept it was their fault and not mine, that one of them had fucked up and not me, they actually told us the information we needed and could have gotten and left with within five mother fucking minutes of walking into the job centre. IT IS LITERALLY AMAZING HOW THE PEOPLE WORKING IN THE JOB CENTRE HAVE TO HELP PEOPLE FIND JOBS WHEN THEY CAN’T EVEN DO THEIR OWN.


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