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I am 21 at 1:41am :’)

I’m old. 


Anonymous asked: Check you out, mama! It's amazing what a wonderful mother you are at such a young age and how much you have accomplished. I would never have guess how young you are! Have a great day!

aww thank you so much <3
I will try to have the best day I can :)
but saying that I’m just wanting to give the kids a good time before I go out for a few drinks on the night while they sleep at my parents house, I promised Elijah that we can blow up some balloons, get some cakes and maybe hang a few things tomorrow morning so it’s fun for him and Aurdorbs. hahaha! :)

leemellark asked: Well that's true. (: It's just the fact that you are now legal for everything and have even more responsibilities that makes it all a little sad. But I am sure that won't be fitting you. (:

haha! I know, it makes no difference to me, I know it’s a morbid thing to say but in a way it’s just one more year closer to dying hahahaha :’D
honestly the only way being 21 is going to effect my life is when people from survey, gas and electric companies stop me in the street I will actually legally be able to sign up or do the survey. lmao :’)

leemellark asked: Being 21 isn't that much of a difference than being 20. From a 21y/o. :D

yeah, apparently it’s meant to mean you’re completely adult and you stand on your own two feet ect… but I’ve been doing that since I was 17 anyway so… haha! :)

Today is my last day of being 20 years old :)

I turn 21 tomorrow. :)
I’m glad nursery got cancelled because Elijah was meant to be at nursery tomorrow and now I get to spend all day with him. 

I’m so sure sleep is not meant to happen for me.

I missed pretty much two nights worth of sleep last week, I still felt tired last night and I had a lot to sort out around the house and I had to sort Elijah’s nursery stuff out and I did it all last night so I could have a bit of extra time in bed and set my alarm for 8:45am so I had 15 minutes to get me and the kids ready and 15 to walk there (YES I CAN DO THAT :)) and instead of my plan I got woken up by a phone call from the nursery at 7:30am, saying there has been a leak, the roof isn’t safe and nursery is cancelled this week.

maybe one of these days I will get some sleep. :’)

I am so tired and I need to go to bed but I have so much to do.

It’s Elijah’s last two days of nursery tomorrow for a week or two and he has to wear his spider outfit, so I need to organize his bag, some spare clothes, his spider outfit and have a tidy up before bed and then somehow manage to wake up in time to get him there after getting both kids dressed.

I’m so tired.