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had a nice time today. :)

went for a picnic with my two best friends and the kids, took them to the park and painted my living room and I am now 75% through with it, all I need to do is finish the small part of the room and the arch that separates the two parts and then finish the decor with physical objects. :)

Elijah has been difficult today.

tantrums, not listening, being mean to me and Aura, we had the road incident, it’s now 11pm and he’s still not asleep, he’s having a huge tantrum because he doesn’t want to go to bed and I’ve put him there. I am fed up with him tonight, I hate when we have a day like this.

To be honest, I’m just putting it down to the heat, even Aura got fed up earlier and decided to scream for like 2 hours because she was hot and tired.

shannymck asked: Oh my goodness! I can't even imagine how horrible that must have been!! So glad yous are alright!xx

thanks chick <3

gamermom4twenty asked: I have almost died a 100000 times my parents said rather it was escaping from my carseat and opening the backseat doors, running away on vacation, eating stuff I wasn't supposed to ...lol wait till they break there first body part & good luck! (: Kids are fearless

haha! your middle name is trouble then. lmao ;D

yeah honestly, I couldn’t believe it :’)